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Understanding In Home Elder Care Options with Private Duty Caregivers

Cost for In-Home Care | Hiring a Home Health Aide versus Assisted Living Placement | Benefits of Using a Nurse Registry

Can a Companion help with hands on personal care?

Companion” or “sitter” means a person who spends time with or cares for an elderly, handicapped, or convalescent individual and accompanies such individual on trips and outings and may prepare and serve meals to such individual. A companion may not provide hands-on personal care to a client.

What services can a Home Health Aide offer?

“Home health aide” otherwise known as H.H.A. means a person who is trained or qualified, as provided by rule, and who provides hands-on personal care, performs simple procedures as an extension of therapy or nursing services, assists in ambulation or exercises, or assists in administering medications.

Can a Companion help with self administration of medicine?

Home health aides (HHAs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) that are trained can only assist with medication in its previously dispensed, prescription labeled container or over-the-counter medication that has directions per State of Florida law.  A Homemaker/Comapanion can only remind a client to take their medicine. 

What Staffing services are offered by a nurse registry like Accountable Home Care?

"Staffing services" means services provided to a health care facility, school, or other business entity on a temporary or school-year basis pursuant to a written contract by licensed health care personnel and by certified nursing assistants and home health aides who are employed by, or work under the auspices of, a licensed home health agency or who are registered with a licensed nurse registry.

Can Facility Staffing support be offered anywhere throughout Florida?

At the present time we are able to provide staffing support for Home Health Aides, CNAs and LPNs in the Palm Beach County area.  

What is the cost for hiring an aide for my mom or dad?

The cost of private duty in the home varies based on the hours and needs of the client.   The national average for private duty home care is $22/hour.  At Accountable Home Care, the price for a caregiver we refer to families are competitive starting at $17 an hour.  Depending on the care requirements requested by the family and the patient, hourly rates may vary. 

Does Accountable Home Care have a daily minimum hour requirement?

At Accountable Home Care, we generally have a four hour minimum hourly requirement.  It is very challanging matching a caregiver with a client if the hours are not consistent and reasonable.  

Do I get to meet the Home Health Aide before I make a committment for service?

Should you wish to meet one of the caregivers before you commit for service, be sure to ask a patient care coordinators for assistance. This is a special request and will try our best to make this happen if appropiate. 

Can I get a Home Health Aide to come to the house without a prescription from my doctor?

Private duty home care does not require a prescription from a physician for non medical care.  Assistance with daily living is considered custodial care and does not required a skilled from a nurse.  

Is a Registered Nurse available 24 hours a day for care if I need a home health aide?

As a nurse registry, Accountable Home Care is not required to have a 24 hour nurse available under Florida law by patients receiving nursing care or requirement for an on-call nurse for home health aides and CNAs.  At the initial meeting to obtain services, Accountable Home Care will provide to the patient or patient’s representative, a list of telephone numbers to be called if a replacement caregiver is needed -- along with local emergency numbers as determined by the nurse registry.

Are Home Health Aides and CNAs CPR certified?

Yes, the home health aides and CNAs that Accountable Home Care refers are CPR certified.  CPR certification must be from an instructor approved to provide training by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.

Will I be notified if my mom with a companion provided by Accountable changes her mood and behavior?

Yes, unusual incidents or changes in the client’s behavior are reported to the person(s) designated by the client.  Most often times a family member requests a companion for a loved one.  

What type of Supplemental Staffing does Accountable Home Care offer?

‘Staffing services’ means services provided to a health care facility, school, or other business entity on a temporary or school-year basis pursuant to a written contract by licensed health care personnel and by certified nursing assistants and home health aides who are employed by, or work under the auspices of, a licensed home health agency or who are registered with a licensed nurse registry. Be sure to as a team member about your non-medical needs. 

Are the caregivers referred at Accountable Home Care employees or 1099 independent contractors?

The caregivers we refer out to families are independent contractors.  Upon referral of a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, certified nursing assistant, companion or homemaker, or home health aide for contract in a private residence or facility, the nurse registry shall advise the patient, the patient's family, or any other person acting on behalf of the patient, at the time of the contract for services, that the caregiver referred by the nurse registry is an independent contractor and that it is not the obligation of a nurse registry to monitor, supervise, manage, or train a caregiver referred for contract under this chapter.

We follow Florida Nurse Registry license requirements doing the required background checks and that caregivers hold their own professional liability insurance. The caregivers we refer all have level II background screening including a national screening. We verify that they meet all immigration and naturalization requirements. They are also required to have a statement of good health and are independent contractors.

Am I able to select the caregiver coming to my home?

It is very important that you are satisfied with the licensed caregiver we refer to you. It is a priviledge that you are allowing a caregiver into your home.  Should you for whatever reason not be satisifed with the caregiver scheduled, we ask you contact our referral coordinator at our office so that we can reschedule another licensed caregiver as soon as possible. 

Can I change my service contract?

The caregivers Accountable Home Care refers have flexible service schedules.  It is not required for any client to have a contract for service and services can be cancelled at any time.  

What screening process does Accountable Home Care, Inc. offer a family looking for private duty?

As a nurse registry, the caregivers we refer are licensed independent contractors and we require each caregiver we refer maintains their own professional liability insurance.  State guidelines for caregiver eligibility include Level 2 fingerprinting, professional license checks, physicals documenting the caregivers are free of communicable diseases, and work history reference checks.

What is the difference between a nurse registry and a home health care agency?

Nurse registries in Florida offer referrals of independent licensed, certified and credentialed caregivers who can provide home care services within one’s home.  Nurse registries are not obligated to monitor, supervise, manage or train the caregiver. Caregivers referred by a nurse registry tend to be more affordable for hourly care.  Caregivers referred by a nurse registry can allow the elderly to age in place and provides a licensed caregiver to assist with the activities of daily living. A home health care agency has actual employees providing the care and are not 1099 independent contractors such as a Nurse Registry.

Can a Caregiver that Accountable Home Care refers to a family drive?

Accountable Home Care can refer many caregivers with drivers licenses.  You should ask your caregiver whether he or she has a driver's license and if he or she does, to provide you with evidence of the same.  Accountable Home Care does not make any representations regarding whether a particular caregiver has a valid driver's license, the driver skills of a caregiver we refer or the adequacy or fitness of a caregiver's automobile to transport the client. We suggest all family members and clients check and make their own determination of the caregivers' sutibility to drive a client's car and/or provide transportation to the client. 

What household duties can a certified nursing assistant or a home health aide perform?

Light housekeeping and personal care are generally type of services family members request from a caregiver we refer to them.  Assistance with bathing and dressing, tolieting needs, shave male patients are just a few examples.

What type of house cleaning can I expect from a licensed caregiver referred to us?

Light Housekeeping task can be from taking out the trash to picking up the mail.  Below are just a few examples of commonly requests tasks.

Vacuuming and dusting one time per week.

Ensuring the patient's bathroom toliet and sink are keep clean.

Throwing out dated food in the pantry and refrigerator.

Making patient's bed.


Chaning linens on patient's bed as needed.

What is the matching process of a caregiver referred by Accountable like?

Taking the time to listen to a family members request is important. The details are what matter.  When a patient or client is accepted for referrals of independent contractors, there is a reasonable expectation that the requested services can be provided adequately & safely in their residence.  Accountable Home Care tries our best to refer independent contractors capable of delivering services for a patient or services requested by a client.

Is there a nurse available for a patient?

R.N.s are available to make visits to the patient’s home for an additional cost.  As a licensed nurse registry, a RN evaluation is available should the family and or patient request for an additional cost. 

Can I cancel service at any time?

Home Care Services can be cancelled at anytime.  There is no long term commitment for service.  

If I have a long term care policy, can you accept this as payment?

At Accountable Home Care, Inc. we accept ALL Long Term Insurance policies, including but not limited to:

AF&L · American Pioneer · MetLife · American Heritage · Genworth
Conseco · SHIP · CNA · John Hancock · Bankers Life · Kanawha
Penn Treaty · Washington National · BCBS LTC · TransAmerica RiverSource AF&L · Mutual of Omaha · State Farm LTC

What can I expect to pay for hourly care at home?

Rates are determined by the care requirements needed and the rate requested by the caregiver referred to you for services. Please call our office 561-320-0055 and we will assist you to determine the level of care needed.

What kind of background screening are done for the caregivers referred to for private duty services?

Caregivers in our referral pool are comprised of a diverse group of well trained, experienced, licensed and insured caregivers.  The caregivers all speak English.  All caregivers are Level 2 FBI screened according to Florida state law and the Agency for Healthcare Administration.  References are verified and all credentials are kept up to date and on file.

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